Tailor-made tourism and events

Magical places from north to south of Portugal

With its verdant mountains, rivers and waterfalls, the North of Portugal has a natural beauty that matches perfectly with the most special events.

Alentejo is the ideal place to reset your energy among plains and oak trees. It also has an excellent gastronomy as well as excellent wines.

Known by its heavenly beaches, Algarve has a lot to offer. Wonderful for a well-deserved vacation.

About us

Savatur is a family business that started in Alentejo with the purpose to promote Herdade da Samarra, a rural hotel in a farm. Because tourism is a family passion, other houses were rehabilitated over the next years, most of them located on farms. The accommodation offer kept rising steadily and was recently expanded to the North region and the Algarve.


The taste for events planning and for the art of well receiving is deeply rooted in the family genes. So, more recently, an events venue for 300 people was built in Casa de Sam Thiago, which was already a family propriety since the 18th century. Shortly after, events extended to the establishements in Alentejo: social events, such as weddings, christening parties, as well as other activities for groups and companies developed through several partnerships.


Savatur’s mission is to develop tourism and events from north to south of the country, offering not only unique experiences and unforgettable moments to guests, but also providing support and consulting services, organization and events planning, local accommodation and to other facilities.

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